Evolving Is A Choice

Everything in life is about choice.


... there is no standing still. You are either spiraling upward, inward, lighter and lighter, or you are sliding backward.

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* instead of living by default. You know... "life just happens".

~ Walk the path of Spiritual growth with all of us...

* sharing ideas

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* using tools like music and brain gym and thinking about this:

Exercising the brain is as important as doing physical exercises. Toning the brain through exercise is essential to retaining brain function. We¡¦ll send you ideas on how to do this!

You can expect to hear how to retrain your brain...

* wouldn't it be nice, really nice, if you could let go of old conditioning patterns?

~ You will CERTAINLY hear a lot about the Law of Attraction and how to make it work in your everyday life. How to FEEL better!

* The Law of Attraction works all the time, whether your are conscious of it or not.

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An Afternoon Nap Might Make You Smarter.

Those midday zzz may be healthier than you think!

Want to ace that next test or late afternoon meeting?

Try taking a lunchtime snooze.

New research shows that sleep, specifically an afternoon nap, prepares the brain to remember things. Think of it as similar to rebooting a computer to get it to work more smoothly.

*** There's one more twist: Your ability to learn declines about 10 percent between noon and 6 p.m. normally, but the nappers in the researach program were able to negate that decline.

I would really like to walk this path with you!

Let's EVOLVE! together.