You have so much to give! You are here to share experiences, grow and love.There are some laws about this, however.

But before we go there, allow me to share with you the absolute delight of the Clivias blooming in our garden right now...


The Law of Giving and Receiving

The Creative Flow

A Teaspoon of sugar ...

The Law of Giving and Receiving

There has been a story that has been churning over in the back of my mind.

It is an old Japanese folk tale about a peasant farmer who becomes rich through the power of giving.

The story begins with the farmer lamenting his lowly position in life and then, shortly afterward, falling asleep in a field. In his dream, God tells the farmer to give away whatever he has to others and, upon waking, the farmer notices that he is holding a piece of straw in his hand.

He keeps the straw, twirling it in his hand, thinking about his dream and wondering who on Earth might want a piece of straw.

But after a short while, he came across a mother and child walking together. The child was crying and the farmer began to amuse him by twirling the straw. After a short while the boy stopped crying and seemed to want the straw so the farmer gave it to him. The mother seemed delighted that the child had stopped crying and she reached into her bag and gave the farmer three oranges. The farmer was also delighted and he thanked the woman.

As he was just thinking about eating the oranges, he came across a merchant sitting on a box on the ground. After exchanging pleasantries, the merchant remarked how hot it was and how thirsty he was. The farmer gave the merchant an orange and the merchant squeezed all of its juice into his mouth saying how much he appreciated the gift. The farmer then gave him the remaining two oranges. After drinking the juice and getting to his feet, the merchant thanked and presented him with a bolt of silk.

After again a short while, the farmer came across a soldier whose horse was lame. The soldier was in a hurry and, at that precise moment, was about to kill his horse. The farmer shouted out to him not to deal the fatal blow. He offered the bolt of silk cloth for the horse and the soldier seemed pleased with the offer. The farmer cared for the horse, eventually managing to nurture him back to full health. The farmer travelled far and wide together with his horse.

Then, one day, he came across a man rushing out of his house. He seemed to be in a great hurry to get somewhere. The farmer offered him the horse and the man gratefully accepted. As he was mounting the horse, he asked the farmer if he would mind looking after the house and the farmer agreed.

As he was riding off, he shouted back, “I may be away for a long time, but if I don’t return within three years, you can keep the house.” As it turned out, the man never returned and the farmer lived a long and happy life there working the land and enjoying a bountiful harvest.

Does the story seem too far-fetched; the whole idea of starting with a piece of straw and ending up with a house?

Anyway, here’s what I take away from this story:

~ The act of giving enables a powerful natural law (the law of giving and receiving, karma or sowing and reaping) that the universe can use in order to return blessings to us.

~ We can’t receive some things until we have given away what we already have

~ We have received many things in abundance. What is it that must now be given so we can experience the blesssing of receiving what we want?

Let us search our hearts for the answer.

If we look beyond oranges, horses and houses, how is it symbolic of our lives? If the house is a symbol of your life, what would you have to give of yourself?

Which strengths and abilities do you have to give to those around you?

You are meant to enrich your own life and those of others with your gifts. Share yourself!

The Flow of Creativity

Think about your experience of those moments when you are most creatively engaged. What does it feel like?

Being in a creative “flow” can be ecstatic and, simultaneously, there is an often surprising sense of urgency to bring into being that which you can sense is possible.

That’s why great artists or scientists will work day and night, neglecting to eat or sleep. They are driven by a vision, something just beyond their reach that will not let them rest until they have brought it into reality.

That same creative force has always been available and is now expressing itself through the body, mind, heart, and talents of an inspired human being.

When you feel that creative flow, often you discover a part of yourself you are not normally aware of but which feels more like your “self” than the person you usually think you are. It’s like plugging in to a deeper source of energy and passion that transcends whatever limitations you ordinarily assume.

A deeper, more authentic part of your self is creatively released. You are right in the center of your own vortex. You are in touch with your Inner Being, the most creative part of who you are.

That’s why such moments are so fulfilling—it’s not just the creative work you produce, but the experience of being more alive, more connected, more in touch with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Think about your own creativity...

Explore some of your own limitless self...

A spoonful of Sugar ...

"A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down" may not be as Mary Poppins innocent as it appears.

Sugar Suppresses the Immune System

6 teaspoons of sugar suppresses the immune system by 25%! It also leads to: hyperactivity, allergies which lead to eventual insulin intolerance, attention deficit disorder (ADD), learning difficulties, concentration problems, moodiness, elevated energy levels followed by lethargy. (Provided by Pure Online)

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