Greetings in April!

Our journey today takes us to:

1. Your many Intelligences

2. Becoming conscious and living from your Life Map

3. The new energy and your personal power

4. Health Care - The power of Ginger

Your Many Intelligences

Recently I had the enormous privilege to spend a Saturday afternoon with the daughter of a friend. Sophie is only 3½ years old but she allowed me to experience the world through all of her senses.

We went to the local farm park and she joyfully wriggled her stubby toes in the mud below the climbing frame, collected feathers of all sizes, chatted to the animals in coded language... ...whilst talking to me in long, full sentences with a spread of words I could not imagine as part of such a small human being!

As I was observing this in wonder, it reminded me of the Multiple Intelligences

It is so true that we experience our world through our intelligences. It is like they are the tunnels from ourselves to the world. We give and receive our whole life through them.

Now, what happens when there is not enough space in your world for your natural intelligences to blossom? Do you remain slightly crippled or worse, unheard in a world where you have not learnt how to contribute your gifts? It is not how smart are you...but how are you smart?

The most amazing thing is that as we intereact with our world through our natural God-given abilities, we experience the joy and happiness that comes from fulfillment and in those moments we are in raised vibrational energy.

We have shifted our consciousness just by being our most joyous self! We are helping the world to be a better place by living our truth.

Howard Gardner placed these multiple learning styles on the map and really, what they tell us is that we all have little bits of each intelligence, but that we shine in a few. He named the intelligences as:

1. Linguistic

The ability to read, write and communicate with words.

2. Logical-Mathematical

To reason and calculate, to think things through in a logical, systematic manner

3. Visual-Spatial

Knowing how to think in pictures, visualize a future result. to imagine things in your mind's eye.

4. Musical

To be able to interpret and use music well and to keep rhythm. The ability to make or compose music, to sing well, or understand and appreciate music.

5. Body Kinesthetic

Innate understanding of how to use your body skillfully to solve problems, create products or present ideas and emotions. To be able to express yourself through your body. To be able to be 'hands on' and physically do things well.

6. Interpersonal

To be able to relate well to people, to display empathy and understanding. To notice their motivations and goals. The ability to work effectively with others. This is a vital intelligence for all relationships - personal or work.

7. Intrapersonal

The ability for self-analysis and reflection. To be able to quietly contemplate and assess one's accomplishments, to review one's behavior and innermost feelings. To be able to make plans and set goals. The capacity to know oneself is the single most important ability of all the thinking skills.

8. Naturalist

The ability to recognize flora and fauna, to make other conceptual distinctions in the natural world. To feel and experience the natural world closely and possibly also communicate with nature and animals are becoming more and more revered thinking skills.

If Interpersonal Intelligence is one of your skills - explore the role of the Empath here

As I observed Sophie, I knew from spending many years in education, that there usually is very little development of the whole range of intelligences in our schooling system. We are adults with many unexplored strengths.

Multiple Intelligences: The Full View

Are you interested in getting all the detail about all 8 intelligences? ~ Full Description

~ What kind of tasks or activities is related to each intelligence?

~ What are the roles they play in society?

~ Learning /Teaching / Facilitation Strategies

~ Technology Possibilities

~ What are their Business activities?

You can explore your thinking skills and their many gifts in full here...

FOR PARENTS: How Am I Smart? A Parent's guide to Multiple Intelligences

Getting to Know Yourself

I really like the words of Andrew Cohen ...

"Spiritual development, as I understand it, is about compelling ourselves, through the power of our own inspired will and intention, to actually evolve. And in order to evolve—to consciously evolve — you first need to get to know the multidimensional nature of who you are and how you are. You need to be able to recognize and understand what constitutes your interior world — the infinite nature of the spiritual ground of your own being, the higher human capacities that make conscious evolution possible, and also the unconscious conditioned structures that can obstruct and obscure that potential. You need to examine the fundamental dimensions of the self, both relative and absolute; understand the unique challenges and potentials of the cultural context in which we find ourselves; and cultivate those higher human capacities that can enable you to participate in such a bold and significant task as the evolution of the interior of the cosmos."

Artist: Nyako Nakar

Are You Ready To Take The Step To Live Your Life From Your Inspire Soul Perspective?

Recognize your innermost purpose and find the peace that brings

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Tune into your Higher Self

Aligning Yourself With The New Energy

I am sure you have become aware of the new energy and all the shifts in your world, where nothing seems to quite fit anymore. Things are so very different from the world our parents grew up in and the one in which we were children.

If you are aware that on some levels in your life you are not as empowered as you KNOW you could be, then it is time to consider living within your own power. The New Energy environment is about you embracing your full personal power. When you can do this, all else falls into place, manifestation becomes easier and emotions stabilize.

If the Law of Attraction is all about vibration, then mastering your vibrational core has to be the first step. The Diamond Light Grid is an energy body of tremendous personal power - a container for an amazing amount of energy.

Find out how and why it is gathering so much interest and momentum in this special home study series. You will find more information here:

Align with Your Full Power You can read more about the exciting new energy work which Julie Umpelby does on her site about Diamond Alignment

... and then there is The Secret behind Te Secret....

Health Awareness

The power of Ginger

There’s a long list of anti-inflammatory foods that can help manage inflammation and pain in the body – and ginger may be one of the best. In a new study, ginger was found to be superior to common non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

NSAIDs (and their problems) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil) and aspirin are commonly used to treat mild pain and fever, as well as inflammation such as that resulting from arthritis.

Their widespread use has brought many adverse affects to attention, including:

• Gastrointestinal irritation

• kidney impairment

• sensitivity to sunlight.

Why GINGER may be better than drugs

Well, of course, ginger is a whole food and not some chemically derived drug. But over and above that, ginger may have other advantages over Anti-inflammatory drugs in pain and inflammation management.

NSAIDs only treat the symptoms of inflammation by inhibiting the inflammation messengers – prostaglandins.

Ginger, however, does two things: It blocks the prostaglandins AND also has antioxidants that help break down inflammation in the joints. Ginger isn’t just a symptomatic treatment; it can help treat the cause of the inflammation. Isn't that a great gift?

Using ginger is not only an aid for your illness, it is also an excellent addition to food and even used on its own, it can be really lovely!

In the study mentioned, 5 grams of fresh ginger was consumed each day, split up into doses throughout the day. Do try using ginger in the following ways:

• eat it directly,

• Make ginger tea

• or a wonderfully refreshing cool drink,(my children call it "Tea Juice" :) - Enjoy!)

• or incorporate it into your dishes like sushi...yum!

For treating pain, brainwave entrainment is extremely helpful... especially if done with a cup of Ginger tea :)

Live your life inspired ... by YOU! Reach in ... Stretch out!

Until next time... Live high!