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Your Personal Diamond Light Grid!

Transformation is no longer an option - we are smack in the middle of one of the greatest transformational shifts we have ever known.

The Diamond is going to help us through it.

What do you mean "The Diamond..."? What is it other than what we mine and then put on women's fingers?

No, no, no... this is about transformation.

Personal and Spiritual change and the "Diamond Light Work" is an essential part of this journey. It calls you to presence, right now.

The Diamond Light Grid is a vital part of the structure of your evolving lightbody. It is part of sacred geometry.

It is a holographic energy structure in the shape of an octahedron that, when perfectly aligned and functioning optimally, connects you with your perfect essence.

Human Energy field


Artwork by Nyako Nakar

The Diamond is the Shape of the Soul - Penni du Plessis

Infinity Keys by Penni du Plessis

The Diamonds in Your Energy Field

by Julie Umpleby

The world we see around us is changing at such a rapid rate. Old structures are breaking down and we are being almost forced on so many levels to re-evaluate our life and the way that we live.

Probably the greatest responsibility we have, is to re-connect with our own personal power source or divine essence in order to bring about change to our planet.

The speed with which we are being faced with old patterns and ancient emotional energetic blocks is increasing rapidly as we open up more deeply to our own sense of source. We are prompted both from within, as well as being impacted upon by the energetics of our environment. It can easily feel as if we are being thrown from one extreme state of being or event to another without pause for breath in between.

For many people, even those who have been consciously working spiritually for many years, it can be difficult to maintain a feeling of balance and flow in these times. Many in the so-called “New Age” arena refer to this as the Ascension process.

I prefer to think about what we are experiencing as a massive transformation, and we are a part of it whether we consciously ‘choose’ to be or not!

The Diamond or Octahedron is an energy tool that assists us in maintaining balance through the challenges we are being faced with, and also acts as an energy container for the increased frequencies that both we and our planet is experiencing. (I use the terms diamond and octahedron as referring to the same thing – the sacred geometric form of the octahedron).

It is a scientific fact that our planet is being literally showered with high frequency cosmic rays and the natural protective shields are weakening. The ‘quality’ of this energy is referred to in many circles as Diamond Light, or diamond consciousness.

What is literally happening, is that our energy fields or auras are changing, and in fact need to change, to accommodate this new energy or vibrational level of consciousness.

Transformation is now of the highest order.


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This change is bringing a greater (higher) level of order or coherence to our auric field which will enable us to move forward through the shifts, while holding a stable and balanced core of higher energy. The greater coherence is brought about through development and anchoring of an actual diamond grid of light in our energy field.

The information I have about the Diamond Light Grid was in consultation with my own Spirit and through that connection from the universal source. What I was told, was to “Build the Grid between the stars”, in other words between the soul star and earth star chakras, and I have devoted the past 6 years of my life working to understand just what this meant and why it was such an insistent message.

I was shown an octahedral grid of the purest white light that surrounded people, virtually replacing the aura as we know it. This diamond grid of light facilitates the transmission of tremendous spiritual and healing power or energy.

diamond energy grid

Orientation of the Diamond Field around the body. Note the diamond field is oriented such that the central point is aligned with the tailbone of the spine, which is the geometric centre of the body

Transformation for me, was to journey into understanding why the diamond or octahedron is so important as an energy shape. It has been fascinating and I truly believe that we are being given an energy technology now, to not only prepare ourselves for the vibrational shifts we are experiencing, but also to imprint our DNA and the morphogenetic fields with this information for future generations.


How is your life and your diamond light part of our Oneness? What does it mean to talk about your life as part of Universal energy?

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My journey into understanding why the diamond or octahedron is so important as an energy ‘shape’, has been fascinating and I truly believe that we are being given an energy technology now to not only prepare ourselves for the vibrational shifts we are experiencing, but also to imprint our DNA and the morphogenetic fields with this information for future generations.

When in September 2007, I learned of a book that had been published called “Tuning the Diamonds” (a remarkable work by Susan Joy Rennison), I was quite stunned to realise that others had been connecting with and exploring this very same geometry, all with a deep sense or inner knowing of its importance. Our diamond energy fields are taking shape and they have an important role to play in taking us forward into creating a new earth.

In recent years, more and more people have been connecting with the diamond energy and geometry in one way or another. Celia Fenn wrote in 2007 of the Diamond Doorways opening and the Diamond Paradise Grids now being in place, while The Hathors through Tom Kenyon inform us of the importance of the octahedron (diamond) as a geometry for maintaining balance in the energetic times we are moving through

More recently I have come to understand that while the octahedron is a sacred geometric tool, all of the sacred geometries are significant and function as nested shapes – one can’t really exist without the other. The stability of other higher lightbody forms is dependant upon a stable diamond at the core. In addition, our ability to hold and anchor the increased frequencies we are being bathed in is a specific function of the diamond.

The diamond is part of our current evolutionary process, and will help us to adjust to holding the greater electrical "charge" of our divine essence.

universal energy radiance

How can you connect to your own Diamond?

What about helping yourself to BALANCE and GAIN INSIGHT into all the turmoil of your life?

More importantly, how can you heal?

This is the next most important step in the evolvement of your own consciousness...

...Call Yourself to Presence!

A deeply transformational course! Align your own Diamond Lightbody.

consciousness shifting home study course


A very special alignment program to build the foundations of your Diamond Light Body.

This is an amazing program specifically designed to support you in connecting with your Diamond Light Body, stabilising your energy and transforming belief patterns.

I did this course with Julie when she visited South Africa. I highly recommend this course as part of your alignment with the new energy!

You can do it at home, on holiday, wherever you are.


What can you expect from the program?

"I am loving working with the programme. Many thanks again, you are wonderful for bringing this to people. It is really excellent. Today I activated the grid around me in different situations & I could feel its presence protecting me from people who sometimes leave me feeling swamped by them. I also noticed that the trees became alive in an energetic sense, they seemed to be aware of everything around them, it was really very nice. I also woke up happy & am remembering happy memories, some seem to be in energy form, I know I am connecting with a positive memory by the emotions I am feeling but I cannot recall the memory, again it is very pleasant.I am also focusing on the future, looking forward to things instead of living in the past which I cannot recall doing for many, many years. And this is just the beginning!" Christine, Hull

A CALL TO PRESENCE - Preparing the Diamond Light Body

Energy balancing course

What you will get:

~ A 6 part transformational home study programme,

~ Approximately 9 hours of audio, meditations and guided energy exercises

~ 100+ page workbook with many exercises to help you integrate your energy and explain how it all works.

~ E-mail support from Julie herself!



Purchase the entire 6-part program to download directly to your computer using the link below. You will receive an email with links to the download page once your transaction is completed.


80 BP or 125 USD

Diamond Lightbody course

What does the program contain?


Over the 6 sections we will be covering many topics including :

- The nature, origin and importance of the diamond

- Ascension, 2012, earth changes and personal changes

- Understanding the nature of light, energy, your Light Body & the physical body connection

- New Energy, spiritual alchemy and how it links with the Diamond Light Grid

- What to expect as you begin structuring and increasing the frequency of your energy fields

- Clearing the heart space and creating a new heart-mind linkage

- Activating YOUR heart diamond

- Co-ordinates for the Diamond Light Grid & activating the 4 quadrants

- The Earth Grids and activation of the Earth Star centre (diamond Light grid anchor point)

- Working with the spiral to create energy vortexes and further activate your energy bodies

- Graceful releasing - why the old system of "cord cutting" doesn't work and replacing it with a process for the New Energy.

- Unlocking your inner vision and developing it

and much, much more...........

Each aspect covered has powerful energy exercises, breathwork and tools for you to work with, as well as special meditations to support you.

These are new and specifically developed for working with and building your Diamond Light Grid.


"This course is really fabulous. I have done Joshua Stone work and many other programs and this is one of the best I have done. I love your conversational style on the audio and it feels as if you are right there in the room talking to me. I now use the diamond for many things and find it is really great for clearing negativity from my land and surroundings. Thank you for bringing us this gift!" Gillian, Bedfordshire

Transformation on a spiritual and personal level has never been as vital as it is right now. Don't wait! This is the time!

Personal energy shifting course

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Call Yourself To Presence!

* Align yourself with the New Energy

* Activation of your Earth Star centre

* Spiral work to activate your subtle energy bodies

* Graceful releasing - a process for the New Energy.

* Unlocking & developing inner vision

Diamond Light work



Preparing your Diamond Light Body

A special alignment program

to build the foundations

of your Diamond Light Body

to work fully with all

the new energies

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