Your Many Thinking Skills Make You Smart Indeed!

Different Modes of Thinking

You have many different thinking skills! So it is not a question of whether you are smart or intelligent. Since you opened your computer, found this page and you are now reading this, demonstrates that pretty well, I'd say.

What must happen is for you to gain understanding of HOW you are smart and intelligent and then strengthening your brain's thinking power in those specific areas. Now, wouldn't it be utterly smart if you also expanded yourself in the modes of thinking in which you don't score so high at first?

multiple brain functions

Before you go further you may want to explore how the brain works

It is commonly said that we use very little of our brain, but that can simply not be true! Your brain falls into the same category "if you don't use it, you lose it". The only thing that istrue, is that we are only in the process of discovering how to measure the functions of the brain. The brain is working and ticking over fine, thank you very much!

~ Your brain could easily store the contents of 10 million 1,000 page books!

~ You are capable of learning all the known languages on Earth.

~ You can learn every song ever written.

~ You could play every known musical instrument.

~ You are able to run your hand across an apparently smooth surface and detect projections only 1/25 000 of an inch high.

~ You can taste one part of quinine in 2 million parts of water!

~ You can detect between two and ten thousand different smells.

~ You are able to understand all known mathematical formulas and still have brain space left over.

So now, even as you are reading this, you are becoming smarter. Your mind and knowledge is expanding, allowing your brain to grow and accept these ideas. As you continue to read about all the stuff your brain can do and finding your own set of multiple intelligences, you will become smarter and smarter.

It is known that we all have at least eight to nine natural Intelligences. Our educational systems have only taught along two of our intelligences, linguistic and mathematical.

Didn't the younger you also think that surely there must be more to you and how you think? Especially since you knew that you were doing mind things that were outside of the curriculum and it's testing methods! Your head was just so busy!

multiple intelligences


The most important thing in thinking about yourself is to know what you are good at, to seek out what you have talent for and to get feedback from others so you can continue to do what is a good match for you.

In leading a fulfilling life you should think about the role you would like to play in society, the workplace and in relationships. This should then lead you to the explore what the key competencies needed would be.

So often it is just the other way around. We are put into boxes of careers and relationship roles and we find ourselves trying to fit the mold. Do not let that happen to you!

The Model for Multiple Intelligences

A dynamic model for identifying and profiling our intellectual strengths, lies in the groundbreaking work of Howard Gardner, the father of the Multiple Intelligences theory.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory rests on the following:

1. All of "Homo Sapiens" possess all of his suggested intelligences, but in varying degrees of strength, skill and limitation.

2. Just as we all look different and have unique personalities and temperaments, we also have different profiles of intelligences.

In other words, no one kind of intelligence is better than another kind of intelligence. Each of the eight intelligences has its own and particular sphere of competence. They are significantly independent of one another. Of course, most life situations, jobs, relationships requires input from several intelligences. Sometimes even at the same time! Balancing your intelligence balls have become increasingly important.

multiple initelligences

Multiple Intelligences & Self Development

The use of Multiple Intelligences can assist you in your personal and career development in a number of ways:


Awareness of your multiple intelligence strengths and weaknesses adds to self-knowledge that is a prerequisite for success in every arena of life.

Expansion of Career Possibilities

It can be demonstrated that adults involved in multiple intelligence activities broadened the parameters of their career choices, rather than focusing on the “right fit.

Multiple thinking skills have also shown to provide greater coping skills in the turbulent waters of relationship management.

Enhancement of Self-esteem

Schools historically have valued verbal and mathematical mental skills over all others. (The results of IQ tests)These teaching methods and IQ tests did not do most of us a favour in the area of self-esteem. Many an adult succeeded in life inspite of their school career!

Vocational subjects and related occupations have sometimes been devalued because the many intelligences needed in these areas have not been recognized.

Broadly speaking, at-risk students and adults who may not have experienced personal success have benefited from recognizing that they are intelligent and that they can identify jobs, hobbies, talents and skills that match their strengths.

It is never too late to become more familiar with your own special thinking skills.

Do the test!

Emotional Intelligence, sometimes known as EQ or EI, is the key to building good relationships both with yourself and with others Read more....

The Eight (8) Intelligences or Thinking Skills

1. Linguistic:

The ability to read, write and communicate with words.

Linguistic intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence - the full picture 2. Logical-Mathematical

The ability to reason and calculate, to think things through in a logical, systematic manner.

mathematical intelligence

Follow the logical path to more info (Logical-Mathematical Intelligence) 3. Visual-Spatial

The ability to think in pictures, visualize a future result. to imagine things in your mind's eye.

visual-spatial intelligence

See how this is spaced more fully (Visual-Spatial Intelligence)

4. Musical

The ability to make or compose music, to sing well, or understand and appreciate music. To be able to interpret and use music well and to keep rhythm.

musical intelligence

If the sound of music triggers you - here's more (Musical-Rhythmical Intelligence) 5. Body Kinesthetic

The ability to use your body skillfully to solve problems, create products or present ideas and emotions. To be able to express yourself through your body. To be able to be 'hands on' and physically do things well.

Body Kinesthetic Intelligence

Body works! (Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence)

6. Interpersonal

The ability to work effectively with others. To be able to relate well to people, to display empathy and understanding. To notice their motivations and goals. This is a vital intelligence for all relationships - personal or work. People oriented thinking skills are extremely important in all areas of life where we interact with other humans.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Enjoy people? Learn more about your skill (Interpersonal Intelligence) 7. Intrapersonal

The ability for self-analysis and reflection. To be able to quietly contemplate and assess one's accomplishments, to review one's behaviour and innermost feelings. To be able to make plans and set goals. The capacity to know oneself is the single most important ability of all the thinking skills.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

If you like spending time with your innermost discover more here ( Intrapersonal Intelligence) 8. Naturalist

The ability to recognize flora and fauna, to make other conceptual distinctions in the natural world. To feel and experience the natural world closely and possibly also communicate with nature and animals are bocoming more and more revered thinking skills.

naturalist Intellligence

Naturalists must go here to explore their abilities (Naturalist Intelligence) For books, brain teasers & lots of multimedia tools, experience our JOY SHOP MAGIC!

The Multiple Thinking Skills Test

To be the most that you can be, you need to become closely familiar with all your thinking skills. It is the way you interact with your world and the more you grow and expand your intelligences, the better all the facets of your life will become.

Now you can take the test to see which of the multiple intelligences you are smart at.

Take the Multiple Intelligence Test

Multiple Intelligences: The Full View

Are you interested in getting all the detail about all 8 intelligences?

This information about each one of them is available on the links provided:

~ Full Description

~ What kind of tasks or activities are related to the intelligence?

~ What are the roles they play in society?

~ Learning /Teaching / Facilitation Strategies

~ Technology Possibilities

~ What are their Business activities?

Get the full picture. Buy a book on the topic!

* Linguistic Intelligence; * Logical/Mathematical Intelligences; * Visual/Spatial Intelligence; * Musical Intelligence; * Body Kinesthetic Intelligence; * Interpersonal Intelligence; * Intrapersonal Intelligence; * Naturalist Intelligence

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