Evolving Consciousness - Your Amazing Spiral of Development through Joy

Consciousness evolving, you say?


Your consciousness is constantly evolving. Every second of every day, you are creating and recreating your experiences in an endless, glorious dance that we call Life.

You are on a continual spiral of evolvement.

What soul music are you tuned into? What is playing in your ear? What sounds fill your head, your heart, your very essence?

You are building your life according to the music you choose. That’s right.

You get to choose the songs, the symphonies, the noise, all of it.

The nature of your life, your relationships, your money, your work, in fact every aspect of your daily life is chosen by you.

The consciousness of who you are right now attracts and creates all your experiences.

Do you have what you desire? Do you have dreams? What about your goals? Are you living the life you would really like to have? If your answer is not affirmative, you need to address this question of consciousness.


You may be able to say that consciousness is your awareness of who you are. It is your answer to the question: “Who am I?”

It is also your accumulated wisdom about how stuff works. You have sorted out a few things in your life and found some answers to key questions and all of that is stored as consciousness.

It is your worldview. How your experiences relate to the perspective you have of how the world is and must be.

One would also be able to call it mindfulness, an understanding and insight into your world and how it is happening.

Essentially, you are Body, Mind and Spirit and all of it is vibrating energy.

Everything is vibratory and you engage with this vibratory energy with all of you. You utilize all the parts of you to taste, feel, love, pray, laugh and all of it is part of your consciousness.

You are your consciousness. All of you.



It is the process of developing gradually. Of spiraling through your life experiences in a continuous upward, expansive and enlightened movement.

You experience your life’s circumstances in a certain way and when you are no longer satisfied with who and what you are and you would like to experience something else; you restyle, recreate, shift, transform and then move into the new way of life you developed.

You spiral yourself through all the levels of change to come to a new place of understanding and challenges

You emerge enriched into the place where you now want to live and experience life.

It is a constant spiral of evolvement into what your heart now wants. To what is now the next highest version of you.

In this ever-evolving growth spiral you may have to ...

• broaden your mind

• excel with your body

• create more health and wellbeing

• develop and expand your spiritual life

• grow your level of abundance

• transform and become wise...

...until you find yourself desiring something more, something better, more depth, more joy... again


There are many tools available to assist your personal growth and empowerment.

As you begin to desire a new experience, you will attract tools to you which may be of assistance. By ‘attract’ I mean that the tools will come to you by ...

• people speaking about their own experiences rings a bell

• watching a television program that really speaks to you

• magazines come your way with the appropriate reference

• watching a movie with a powerful message

• noticing a book in a bookstore

• billboards shouting to you

• meeting new people with just the right information.

Because of the Law of Attraction being a universal law by which all things are created and manifest, the nature of your desired experience will send out a vibration and the matching vibration of the journey tool will appear.

However, you have to be alert, use your intuition, your spiritual knowing and then allow it into your plan for expansion.

Your Personal Development Plan towards growth may mean using some of the following routes:

• Mind Training: Hemispheric development

• IQ enhancement

• EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

• SQ (Spiritual Intelligence)

• Social Intelligence

• Intuition

• Experiencing God in all its forms

• Connecting with your Guides and Angels

• Sound healing

• Transforming stress into Wellbeing

• Your Numerology

• Interpreting your dreams

• Meditation

• Clearing issues from your past lives

• Working with synchronicity

• Incorporating the power of Crystals and minerals in your life

• Understanding the Laws of Success

• Heal your relationships

• Discovering your Life Purpose

• Understanding the Cycles of Change. Where are you in the cycle right now?

I invite you to join me on this continuous journey of expansion.

Come for the joy ride!

Be conscious about your evolvement. Make this blog part of your evolving consciousness journey. Subscribe here.
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About us is about you and me
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Lessons and their Teachers
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ascension-symptoms as Spiritual Tool
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