Your Brain Development Is Up To You!

Choose the tools! Play around! Growth is a Game!

Brain development is part of life!

You must've heard the saying "you are never too old to learn"? Well, it's true. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Leo Buscaglia says he's taught many tricks to old dogs.

So there you go!

dog tricks

Now... if you were actually wanting to train this old dog... here is a tool :) Click Here!

Your Brain, Thinking Skills & Multiple Intelligences

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: On every page you will find some tools to develop that particular skill further. It is under the heading: PERSONAL GROWTH TOOLS at the bottom of each page.

Your Brain

~ Your brain from a holistic angle

~ How your brain works to make your life work

~ Left Brain - Top quadrant - The Analyzer

~ Left Brain - Lower quadrant - The Implementor

~ Right Brain - Top quadrant - The Visionary

~ Right brain - Lower quadrant- The Accommodator

Multiple Intelligences

Your brain development can be enhanced hugely by finding out which of the Multiple Intelligences you are strong in, and then also focussing on enhancing some others. Learn some new tricks :)

~ Your many thinking skills

~ Multiple Intelligences: Body-Kinesthetic

~ Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal (you and others)

~ Multiple Intelligences: Intrapersonal (you with self)

~ Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic

~ Multiple Intelligences: Mathematical / Logical

~ Multiple Intelligences: Musical / Rhythmical

~ Multiple Intelligences: Naturalist

~ Multiple Intelligences: Visual / Spatial

~ Mutliple Intelligences: Test

Choose some tools to help yourself in your brain development. What you do not use, you loose! Grow your thinker. Develop new brain cells. Learn new skills. Exercise your grey stuff!

Personal Growth Tools

brain growth

BrainFit for Life, from Dr. Simon Evans and Dr. Paul Burghardt, keeps your mind sharp and your brain fit. Master the Four Cornerstones of Brain Fitness.

• Nutrients that Feed Your Brain Circuits

• Physical Activities that Improve your Attention

• Mental Exercises for a Sharper Mind

• Optimal Sleep to Boost Mood and Memory

Your brain controls everything that you do, think and feel. Learn how to:

• Reduce Stress and Improve Mood

• Increase Metabolism and Manage Weight

• Boost Memory and Cognitive Function

Boost your odds of a bright mental future with science-based approaches to brain fitness.

brain development

Have you ever wished that you were smarter?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be "really smart,"

I mean smart like few people in the world are smart - smart enough to remember important details in the blink of an eye and solve complex problems without even breaking a sweat?

Do you think being smart like this might help you advance in your career?

Do you think it might make your life easier and you much, much more successful (not to mention wealthier)?

~ Would you like to work more effectively and efficiently at your job?

~ Would you like to study less and get better grades?

~ Is fading memory or mental fatigue sabotaging your work performance, personal relationships, or independence?

~ Do you misplace things, lose your train of thought, or quickly forget a name you just learned?

optimize your brain

Brain Development: Optimize your MIND!

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