Take responsibility!

It is the key to problem solving

using Ho'oponopono

To take responsibility for absolutely everything which appears in your life, is the key to peace love and happiness. It really is the is the only solution!

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len explains the basic principles of Ho'oponopono

Master teacher

Ho'oponopono is really very simple.

For the ancient Hawaiians, all problems begin as thought. But having a thought is not the problem.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that all our thoughts are imbued with painful memories, memories of persons, places, or things.

The intellect working alone can't solve these problems, because the intellect only manages. Managing things is no way to solve problems. You want to let them go!

When you do Ho'oponopono, what happens is that the Divinity takes the painful thought and neutralizes or purifies it....

You don't purify the person, place, or thing.

You neutralize the energy you associate with that person, place, or thing.

So the first stage of Ho'oponopono is the purification of that energy.

Now something wonderful happens.

Not only does that energy get neutralized; it also gets released, so there's a brand new slate.Buddhists call it the Void.

The final step is that you allow the Divinity to come in and fill the void with light.

To do Ho'oponopono, you don't have to know what the problem or error is. All you have to do is notice any problem you are experiencing physically, mentally,emotionally, whatever.

Once you notice, your responsibility is to immediately begin to clean.

You say, “I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

Take responsbility the easiest way


Use The Easiest Way to show you how to get back to Divinity

Your responsibility: Get into the ZERO zone now!

Joe Vitale

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Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len has been practicing the updated Ho'oponopono since November of 1982. He was taught the process by Kahuna Lapa'au Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, who was designated a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. He was staff psychologist in the forensic unit for the criminally mentally ill at Hawaii State Hospital for several years. He has taught the updated Ho'oponopono around the world and at the United Nations several times. Dr. Hew Len has a doctorate from the University of Iowa.

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