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What are stem cells?

These specific cells are present in your body from the day you are born and are naturally produced in your bone marrow.

They can be thought of as “master” cells. You’ve probably heard about the controversy of embryonic stem cells in the news. Stem cells are found in human embryos, but are also found in children and adult tissue.

Think about children and how quickly they heal from an injury. That is because, in their youthful state, their bodies have lots of stem cells circulating, repairing the necessary body parts superfast.

Stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow where they circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. As you age, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges.

Adult stem cells

Adult stem cells from bone marrow

Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are your body's "master" cells - they have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body. Recent studies have found that stem cells can become heart cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells, muscle cells, brain cells ... even cells in the eyes, joints and more!

Recent research has found that they are at the core of your body's natural renewal system. Results of many scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health and once you understand how your natural renewal system works it will become very obvious, indeed.

This exciting information was discovered so recently that most people (even many doctors) do not know about it yet!

In essence, here is what happens when a healing or repair need develops in your body:

1. The tissue or organ in need sends chemical messengers into the bloodstream

2. These chemical messengers prompt the release of stem cells from the bone marrow.

3. A second set of chemical messengers sent by the tissue in need prompts the circulating stem cells to:

• Migrate (move) into the tissue;

• Proliferate (make more); and

• Transform themselves into healthy cells of that tissue.

Adult stem cells in bone marrow

Adult stem cell in bone marrow cavity

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For a number of reasons, such as growing older (beyond your mid-20's), stress (physical, emotional, environmental), and poor diet, your stem cell physiology may become compromised ... causing a decline in your body's ability to renew itself. This means that the older we get, the slower our healing and repair of our body system gets.It boils down to not having enough stemcells to respond to the call made by the organs in need of repair.

Like the phone rings but nobody picks up. Messages are sent but there are no responses to the call for help because there are no stem cells to send.

Can this be helped? Are there ways to increase the number of stem cells circulating?


Enter stem cell enhancers!

What are stem cell enhancers?

Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells. They assist the body to create more stem cells - up to 3 - 4 million new stem cells will be in circulation!.

But where will we find such products? Do they even exist?

Fascinating Discovery

Prompted by the knowledge that certain freshwater plants are a nutritionally dense food source, a school teacher began experimenting with a green botanical growing so thickly on the surface of a nearby lake that it made the water look like pea soup.

But as he shared this exceptional food, the health benefits people experienced were a far cry from those of pea soup – in fact, they went far beyond what anyone had ever expected! The curious botanical was identified as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short), though the driving force behind AFA’s amazingly wide array of reported benefits remained a mystery for nearly three more decades.

Nature Meets Science

In the mid-1990’s, botanical researcher Christian Drapeau – a neurophysiologist by training – came on the scene. Intrigued by the promise AFA held for the world, Christian and his associates conducted years of intense research. Nevertheless, despite isolating several powerful nutritional components, the amazingly diverse range of AFA’s benefits still could not be fully explained.

Until one day, when a momentous breakthrough was made – one destined to literally change the world!

Historical Breakthrough

While reflecting on the newly emerging field of stem cell research at the turn of the century, an idea suddenly hit Christian Drapeau like a lightning bolt. What if stem cells from the bone marrow constituted the natural renewal system of the body, and what if AFA was somehow supporting the body in naturally releasing more stem cells?

What if the promise of stem cell research lay, not in the controversial embryonic stem cells we hear politicians talking about, but rather in supporting our body’s ability to release our own adult stem cells – the cells at the core of our natural renewal process? Imagine the possibilities! Read all about the research and double blind studies

First-Ever Stem Cell Enhancer

Enter Ray Carter, a seasoned business entrepreneur with an MBA, a heart for helping people and many years of successful direct sales experience. Sharing a common vision to improve millions of lives around the world, Ray and Christian worked tirelessly to bring to market something never before seen by the world – a proprietary, concentrated AFA extract that increases the number of circulating stem cells within the bloodstream. The world’s first stem cell enhancer, StemEnhance®!

The recent advances in stem cell research were listed as one of the most significant health-related stories in the past 25 years by CNN, second only to the complete mapping of the human genome.

Adult stem cell differentiation

Solid Science

STEMTech grew quickly from the first day the company was launched, fueled by a groundbreaking clinical study that was later published in the highly respected journal, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine. Capitalizing on the world’s first and only series of patents for a natural stem cell enhancer, STEMTech has not looked back since.

Why do I need this product?

As you age, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges. Just as antioxidants are important to protect your cells from “free radical” damage, stem cell enhancers are equally important to support your stem cells in maintaining proper organ and tissue functioning in your body.

So, once you understand how your natural renewal system works, it will become obvious to you why increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health.

The StemEnhance tablets are completely natural and this plant derivative increases the release of your own adult stem cells in your body by 25% after taking only 2 tablets a day. This is the equivalent of about 3 to 4 million new stem cells which can be transmuted into any type of cell in the body.

How does it work?

When you take two capsules, the ingredients help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Through a natural process, those stem cells then travel to areas of the body where they are most needed. StemEnhance supports the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow into circulation.

Where is it available?

StemEnhance is not in shops. It is only available through STEMTech HealthSciences, Inc. and its independent distributors. The formulation is patented and is the first of its kind on the market.

Begin your optimal heath enhancement journey now! Get what you need here.

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