You Thought You Were Only Thinking - and where's the harm in that?

But you are wrong! These invisible little things, called thoughts, in fact make or break all of you and all of your experiences.

Your thoughts play around on the playground of your life.

Sometimes they line up quite nicely and you can order them to do exactly what you want. Isn't it nice when that happens!

Other times they monkey around so much that you are literally swinging from the tree tops shouting hieeeeaaaaaihoeee!


Lined up or swinging, they have energy and vibrate and because we live in a magnetic universe, they bring to you events that look just like them. Order or chaos

brain connections

So What Is Thought and Where Does It Come From?

This is an interesting and fundamental question. In our everyday thinking we regard thoughts as less real than physical objects.

THOUGHT IS A QUANTUM EVENT. A Physicist would define a quantum event as the smallest indivisible unit in which information and energy is contained.

A thought is fleeting, unpredictable and invisible. Your thinking transforms itself into space/time events that we call matter.

How Do Thoughts Transform Themselves Into Matter?

The fact that there are biochemical substrata to the thinking process has been known for more than 25 years.

This means that emotions, feelings and memories transform themselves into biochemical events, or neuropeptides.

Neuropeptides are biochemical messengers that the brain uses to communicate with all the cells of the body.

So the brain speaks to the body!


For example, immune cells, which protect you from disease, have these receptors for neuropeptides from the brain.

The brain produces these neuropeptides as a result of thought, feeling and emotion. These chemicals are then sent to your body cells via the bloodstream.

So these immune cells are constantly eavesdropping on your thoughts! Therefore, when you say you have a gut feeling about something, this is not a metaphor. The receptors in your gut received the messages from the brain and will now react according to the quality of the message.

The research field of quantum physics can now also demonstrate that not only are our thoughts affecting the cells of our body, they are also transmitting energy onto the ether.

neurons transmitting

All of our thought vibrations are on the layers of energy bands of the ether around us.

These energetic and magnetic transmissions from the brain can roughly be categorised into 3 groups:

Low Frequency

Therefore attracting by the Law of Attraction: Serious problems, crime, illness, strong fear

Medium Frequency

Energetically attracting circumstances of discomfort, fear, static, stuckness, mild illness, not happy

High Frequency

This kind of energy radiation will produce creativity, spirituality, problem solving, joy, happiness

This means that according to the quality of the thoughts you are thinking (low, medium, high frequency) you will magnetically attract and experience events in your live.

The secret to living a more fulfilled, creative and joyous life, is to control what you think. Be the master of your own mind!

One way to help you clear low vibrational thought patterns from your subconscious mind, is to make use of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is both an art and science that can help you to change the way you think in order to bring about positive changes to your life. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation where the conscious mind is absorbed and focused, therefore allowing the hypnotherapist to communicate directly with the unconscious mind.

In this way powerful and positive, long lasting change can be experienced

Another way to help you make the shift from a life of low vibrational thoughts and beliefs is to engage the help of a life coach or mentor Over a period of time this kind of assistance, helps you to examine your life closely and make the necessary changes.

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