Your Mother Contract as Inner Healing

The role of Mothering and how the Mother Contract will assist you in this life's journey of healing.

You form your ideas about how feminine energy works from your mother or other significant female caretaker.

The role of the feminine in our lives is to help us relate to others. Generally, but not always, it is our mother who shows us how to connect with our ability to heal, comfort and nurture others. For example, if you did not relate well to your mother, you might have difficulty with intimate relationships or lack the ability to nurture yourself properly.

A feeling of deprivation around the mother might even underlie such behaviour as overspending or underearning. Feminine energy is the creator of your goals and reveals what has heart and meaning for you.

The Mother Contract



A woman's role in society has been, traditionally, to have children, be good mothers and to raise their children, from birth to adulthood.

Then something happened, women didn't want to have children, or they had unwanted pregnancies and either aborted or gave the child up for adoption.Then, recently, women began to lose custody of their children in divorces.

Were they bad mothers because they chose to be childless, had an abortion or gave their child up for adoption? Were they bad mothers (or women) because they weren't raising their children?

mother and child


The mother contract is a complex soul agreement that involves soul group dynamics, soul promises, commitments and often heavy karma.

There is a big difference between agreeing to bring a child into the world (which involves sharing energy, karma and DNA) and helping that child become an adult. Every child that is conceived is not destined to be born to or raised by the woman who carries her. That is a social standard that does not take into account the spiritual aspects of our life journey


There is no standard mother contract, each one depends on the soul agreement between the mother and child. Even in the case of adoption or abortion, there is an agreement for that to happen in fulfillment of the mother contract.

More fathers are gaining custody of and caring for children, which is another part of the mother contract between the parents and the child. The child needs the father's energy, even if he is not the best father (and that is another topic).

child adoption


The emphasis on the traditional, standard loving household doesn't respect our soul's desire for healing which is why we enter the third dimension.

And social standards judge mothers harshly for not adhering to the traditional mother role. The changing human paradigm is allowing eons of karma to be healed so that we can live through our highest aspects, karma free.

The new generations of children are choosing the parents who will help them complete karmic cycles within soul groups and this is why events happen that, from a spiritual perspective, are completing karma but from a material perspective, are judged as bad or wrong.

With reference to the article written by Jennifer Hoffman

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