Stem Cell and Spiritual Transformation

By Julie Umpelby

What is Adult Stem Cell Enhancement?

StemEnhance is an amazing, natural product that actually increases your physical body's ability to regenerate through increasing adult stem cells and circulation.

Well, I'd like to share a little bit of additional information that you won't find on the StemTech website as it links specifically in with spiritual awakening and kundalini.

This Kryon Channeling discusses DNA and cellular transformation through stem cells

The actual biology and physiology of the spiritual transformation process is something I have been researching for a number of years, and what I have found has helped to explain many of the strange physical, mental, emotional and psychic occurrences I have experienced over the past 6 years or so.

Spiritual transformation - call it Ascension if you like - is accompanied by a literal re-wiring of your nervous system as well as cellular reconfiguration as your body actually changes to accommodate more of your spiritual essence.

Some experience this more intensely than others, but we are all going through it to a greater or lesser degree. The changes in our current earth electromagnetic environment (This is where Kryon comes in - my insert) mean that nobody is really exempt in the long run as we are all subject to this bombardment of highly charged particles entering our atmosphere.

When I was first introduced to StemEnhance , I immediately felt a deeper connection to it and intuitively knew that this was a significant product that had a role to play in our evolution.

So, on trust I signed up and have been taking it for the past 2 months with increasing benefit - like rapid muscular recovery from a severe back problem I have.

Here's where it gets interesting. One of the key nutritional supplements for dealing with some of the challenging transformation (and kundalini) cycles - like when cells and old structures are literally burning away - is spirulina or bluegreen algae. It provides incredible support and boosts energy levels when your body is busy using up its energy stores in the transformation process.

Well, StemEnhance is actually a concentrate of two of the physiologically active components in a bluegreen alga known as AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), so you are actually getting a concentrated form of bluegreen algae in StemEnhance.

In addition to this, you are boosting the supply of new stem cells which enables your body to regenerate tissues and organs, but this is now with the new blueprint of your spiritual DNA (as it changes through the spiritual transformation process).

There is a lot about the DNA Restructuring and Transformation by Kryon

My research, belief, guidance and own experience is that this will be a significant product for helping to maintain optimum health and balance through the existing and upcoming spiritual transformation. That's my take on it - of course, I don't have the clinical trials to prove it but until the spiritual transformation process is actually recognized by mainstream medicine, there aren't likely to be any either!

Stem Cells and their Enhancement in more detail here

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