Forgiveness is a great freedom tool!

Forgiveness must surely be one of the hardest things to do. How do we overlook an injustice?

How does the energy of failure to be charitable, affect us?

Because everything is vibration and energy, we make our own world, all of it, yes 100% of it, by our thoughts, feelings and actions. This means that lack of pardon will create real sticky energy for us. The Law of Attraction has been called into place!

There are not many people who don’t have someone or something that they feel either a strong or mild dislike for. Or somebody has done something to you that is hard to stomach. Maybe it is just be a faint residue of something that is sitting with us from an incident long past, but that has not been TOTALLY forgiven or forgotten.

It can even be something as fatuous as second hand news (gossip –a ghastly pastime, quit it now!), which has caused us to make a judgment about a person.

Even a very slight ‘dislike’ or uncomfortable feeling has an effect on the energetic part of our earthly vehicles (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) and also then, by vibration, our world at large, and needs to be cleared out before we can really move on.

The more intense the feeling, the greater the impact on our lives. It sits in our bodies and causes disease and distress in some form or another, and that same “dross” goes out into the morphogenic field — WITH OUR PERSONAL MAGNETIC STAMP ON IT — expanding and growing on its journey back to us, creating the havoc so prevalent on our planet, as it is discordant, and discordant energy does not disappear.

It is real and magnetic — like attracts like — it affects the weather patterns and all other living things on our planet.

Some of our physical world chaos like earth eruptions and strange weather patterns, is a reaction to the emotional discord within us.

If you are a “greenie” and concerned with environmental preservation, look at your inner world too, as the peace we create through forgiveness becomes part of our inner world and is more powerful than all the recycling, getting off the grid or other good deeds (not that we should not do them).

It is what CREATES the peace in our world, and it will reflect in our weather and all the things in our outer world.

There is no denying the fact that sitting with anger,resentment, unforgiveness, blame and all the lower energies is not pleasant for anyone, least of all ourselves!

Especially when we KNOW that these thoughts and feelings have a real and lasting affect on our lives and those around us.

Remembering that the more intense the feeling the greater the lessons that are going to be coming our way.

So doesn’t it make COMPLETE sense to just get over ourselves and learn the simple, exquisite, divine art of “forgiveness”? Granting that pardon. Overlooking an insult. Having compassion and charity instead of harbouring the painof injury.

And don’t be half-hearted.

REALLY go for it. Forgive those that you think have done something to you that has been upsetting, no matter how bad!

And don’t forget above all things to forgive YOURSELF first!

If we have done something that we are ashamed of, don’t sit with it. Be gracefull to yourself too. Forgive yourself and try not to do it again.

The acquittal may not happen overnight, but stick to it and that exquisite blissful feeling of peace and freedom will come. It always does.

It is one of the MOST liberating emotions and expressions we can have and if coupled with real and deep gratitude,we are on the road to massive changes in our world and peace, health and lasting happiness will reflect in our outer world as it becomes our inner world.


It may help to sit with pen and paper and write down those whom we feel need our divine forgiving attention.


But a word of warning — don’t FOCUS on the thing that needs to be forgiven — as to focus on something magnetises it. It makes more of the same!

Just blankly put it down and think only loving and kindly thoughts towards that person or situation that has been causing the distress in your life.

A great help is to realise, whether you believe it or not, that the incident was something that we ourselves brought about to learn from and become master of, and this may not have been in this lifetime, it could have come with us from other lifetimes.

We will attract the same people into our world that we have unresolved issues with. Nothing goes unnoticed in the universe. The law of Attraction always works. Whether we want it or not!

The beauty of this is that we know how we feel when we are sitting with unresolved “stuff ”. It is horrible, so simply DROP IT! Grant the reprieve.

We don’t need years of therapy, trying to figure out how, why or what made them do whatever they did, and why we are feeling this way or that — sometimes it even makes it worse as we focus on it over and over.

We just need to learn the art of genuine and real forgiveness, and it can be instantaneous if we are really evolved!

We are not in the shoes of the other person, so we don’t know how or why they work the way they do. Quite frankly, it has nothing to do with us.

ALL we need to focus on is how WE are behaving and feeling.

So we may live or work with someone that is really difficult or irks us continously. anger and worry Our situations with them cause us to stress and worry all the time.

Sometimes it really feels like we are beyond ourselves iwth the turmoil of emotions (and of course we are!)

Plainly said, they just drive us mad!

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Possibly our partner has gone off with the next-door neighbour.

Or we had something taken from us and we say to ourselves:

“I can’t let that one get away with it! I have to have my revenge!”

The truth is that WE DON’T! We are not here to sit in judgement of anybody, ever. If we do, only we, ourselves suffer in the end.

We can decide whether we want the situation in our lives again or not, and the only way to keep it out is to train OURSELVES to become the master over it, and not to react — as soon as we stop the reaction, it is GONE!

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So, dwelling on the negative past is a waste of time and divine energy — of which we will have to account for. Here is our chance to become the master, so be thankful to the bearer of the gift, even if at the time it may seem unbearably painful.

It will pass and a better door will be there to open — all we have to do is make sure we are there to open it — if we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves or wallowing in the sickness of anger and resentment, we may miss the opportunity!

In the moment, if we have the grace and sweetness in us, we can apologise for something said or done amiss, a phone call or meeting goes a long way too — but remember, be the master, don’t let the past surface again.

Just see the “Face of God” in EVERYONE — as it is there, and don’t let up.

If the other chooses not to accept our apology, it is not our business, it is theirs.

We can also use the all-powerful spiritual tools we have available to us.

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By just sitting quietly and bringing the person or situation into our consciousness, calling in the help from the Angelic and Ascended realm, and going into our heart and FEEL that wonderful and exquisite feeling of forgiveness surface is a great step forward.

Keep doing this until there is NOTHING left and we have truly moved on and no residue is left. Imagine if everyone on earth did this — imagine the beauty and perfection that would surround us.

Through forgiveness we not only help ourselves and thus evolve into a higher consciousness, but we also assist the world by changing the energetic vibration all around us.


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