Forgive And Heal Yourself

To forgive is not about saying that it is fine what the other person did or said. It is truly about remembering who you are.

You put so much energy into resisting the things that you do not want, you forget that you are indeed creator.

There is nothing that is outside of yourself that can exert itself against you. Everything that is in your experience is there owing to your attention to it.

If you remember the times when you have been hurt and you nurtured the pain and talk about that hurt again and again to anybody who wanted to listen, then it must not come as a surprise to you that more of the same pain will be delivered at your doorstep.

In your perpetual thinking about the incident you created neurological connections in the brain which become stronger and stronger every time you think along the same hurt pathway. You create a thinking muscle that is quite strong and every time a similar event happens, there you are - on the same track! Talk about one-track-minded!

If you remember betrayal, then more will be in your living space, without fail.

if you remember abandonment, Yes, you guessed it, more rejection will come your way.

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forgiveness, hurt

That which you think, creates your experience of life.

"Yes", you moan in your most hurtful mode, "but I was hurt, I was abandoned and I was betrayed. How can I deny that?"

The answer to that is that you are an energetic being and thus a creator by virtue of the Law of Attraction. Once you acknowledge that you drew these experiences to yourself, then you can also know that you have the undeniable power to draw new, more fulfilling, joyful experiences into your life.

For as you think and feel, so you experience.

~ Think about failure, it will be yours.

~ Think about pain, it surely will come your way.

~ Think about betrayal, and when you turn your back, there it will be, right in your face!

When you are unable to forgive another, in fact what you are doing is denying your own power, your own power as creator, and handing over to them.

What you are saying is that other people have more power in your life than you do. You are saying that you are subject to the will of another. You must bow down to the actions and words of somebody else and that you have no will or power of your own.

In reality, you are a powerful being, an eternal soul, who has been given the free will and unlimited power to create what you want. Even if what you want is pain and hurt.


Your NUMEROLOGY chart can provide you with lots of information about issues which require forgiveness (karmic debt)

When you are unable to forgive, when you turn your back to the culprit, it means that you have changed the truth of who you are.

It is not those who have moved against you that have changed the truth of who you are.

You have allowed their actions to tell you that you are something else than a powerful child of the divine.

When you remember that you have choice, you can cut the bonds which tie you to the transgressor. You can set yourself free! You have that power.

Once you remember who you truly are, then forgiveness will become second nature. You will not want to carry the burden of unforgiveness and bondage any longer. You will remember that through forgiveness you heal your heart and remove the pain.

Not only are you then healing yourself, but you are also allowing the perpetrator to be free from the chains which bound them to you. As you heal your own life, you also allow others to heal themselves.

You will then experience the attraction of letting go. For as you set others free, so will you be released from your mistakes by those around you.

forgive and you will be forgiven

You will truly begin to understand that nothing can exert itself against you. That you are the only creator in your own life and that the only things that come to you are those things that you yourself have drawn to you through your thinking.

In knowing this, you will also know that you have a choice. A choice as to how you are going to think, as to how you are going to think about yourself, believe about yourself, a choice as to whether or not you will choose to love and accept yourself and acknowledge yourself in self appreciation.

Forgiveness is about remembering who you are.

If you have not forgiven, then you have not remembered that you are loved beyond all measure.

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