DNA Healing Is Real & For You And Me!

DNA Heal is from Kryon (channeled through Lee Caroll. He brings an exciting message of our DNA having multidimensional strands and how we can use it to heal ourselves.

Kryon channeling DNA

You think DNA is chemistry. It is, but only about 3% of it is 3D chemistry. The rest is multidimensional information, hiding in a seemingly random chemistry. Science sees this in its own way, for it looks at the double helix where there are three billion chemical parts in each DNA molecule. Each active loop of DNA has three billion chemicals. But when science looks at that chemistry, it only sees 3% of it that actually does anything. That 3% is the linear system that creates all the genes in the Human body

Double Helix DNA

Teaching Multidimensional Things

To make DNA heal real, you have to understand that there are 12 energies or lessons in the DNA that are interactive. So, if you're going to learn what is in the DNA, it has to be broken down into a linear fashion for teaching purposes.

Within the 12 energies of DNA, there are several that are very interesting to humanity. We would like to take you on a journey into just one of the energies of DNA. And that energy has the number nine around it.

In a linear teaching, we're going to call it DNA Layer Nine.

At the same time we say that, we're going to tell you there is no such thing as DNA Layer Nine! It's only on the blackboard in the school we teach today that Layer Nine appears. It's only in teaching that it becomes linear. The numbers assigned to the layers are energies and are only numerological hints, each one of them. When you get to read the book my partner is preparing, you'll see this. There is no "one through 12." They're all together in a soup of energetic information that interacts one with each other.

The Shift is Here!

Let us speak of the Human body and the one attribute that is the most interesting to many - healing.

So we're going to call Layer Nine, the Healing Layer And I'm going to do my best through my partner to explain something that is unexplainable.

There's something going on in your body, something you were born with. It's something very old and something ancient, and it is starting to reawaken.

A shift is going on within the planet. It's the shift the Mayans spoke of, and it's a time fractal of potential for consciousness awakening - the ability to vibrate higher in Human thought than you ever have before.

It creates the potential of an alliance with your Higher-Self. Many of you are having thoughts that are quite high. You're beginning to discover that which is in you that you never had thought about before. So I'm going to enhance this tonight and tell you about a beautiful two-part system.

The Strength of DNA

DNA works this way: There's a strong duality present. That is to say, there is a part that is linear and a part that is multidimensional.

The linear part is easy and simple and occupies less than 5% of the whole.

The multidimensional part is most of DNA, complex and difficult to teach about.

Your Akashic Record is in there - that is, an energetic informational package of the lifetimes you've ever lived are in there. That which you were given by the Pleiadians is in there. The Higher-Self is in there. All that you call spiritual is in there.

DNA is spiritually intelligent, but not unless you're vibrating at a high level that will allow it to work fully.

This is why most of humanity is only aware of the 3% of DNA, not giving credibility to the other part at all. Let us speak of that which is health and healing. Slowly, for more than 20 years on this planet, you are receiving new tools to work with this attribute of multidimensional DNA. DNA heal - aura healing Oh, the healers in the room, they know it! They know what happens to a healer who stands in front of a Human Being. The healer and patient are in the same room, and both DNA fields are eight meters wide. The healer stands in front of the one to be healed and the fields overlap.

DNA Heal - auras & chakras

As they talk to each other, there can be information transferred. In that transfer is knowledge - knowledge of everything, reacting in a quantum, timeless way. And those in this room know what this feels like, because I know who is here. They are receiving intuition about what their patient needs - from the DNA of the patient!

DNA heal -couple with auras and chakras

The healer can become one of the finest multidimensional doctors on Earth because the overlapping, multidimensional parts are there that are within the DNA and designed to be smart.

That is why today's medicine is reactive. That is to say, it's chemistry put into the body and a 3D chemical reaction takes place. And that's as good as it gets.

Even at that, it's amazing what you've done with the chemistry healing you have. But that's the way it's looked at. There's no credibility for a smart body. In fact, allopathic medicine it's actually dishonoring. It assumes the body doesn't know and needs to have help. It looks like the body is sitting there unaware and stupid. And who can blame them, really, for in 3D it indeed seems that way?

DNA - Designed to Work in Many Dimensions

Let me explain a little bit about Layer Nine and a little bit about the two-part scenario of healing within the Human body and of the incredible self-diagnostics available within the DNA.

First, let's look together at the linear side. Here you are, Human Being. What if you had a virus right now? Does your body tell you? What if you have an amazingly threatening cancerous growth attaching itself to an organ? Does your body tell you? No.

Don't you find that disturbing? Isn't it odd that you have to go to a doctor to find these things through tests? Doesn't this shout to you at a cellular level, "Something is missing"?

Indeed, there is, and what's missing is the 90% quantum information in DNA that was designed to not only know it, but take care of it. But it's not working.

DNA was designed to work in two parts, much like the chemistry has been itemized in the Human genome. Less than 5% is linear, and the majority is waiting to be activated. Think of it as 5% being the genomic engine and 95% being the instructions for that engine to work.

Part one of the immune system is linear. That's the part you know about and that's the part that medicine deals with, as you know it today. The other 90+% can only be activated with multidimensional energies - energies you have known about in the past but have lost.

Now this is ancient information. The ancients may have not known specifically about DNA, but they knew there were esoteric principles that could accomplish healing.


What do you think are the meridians of the body, and how many are there? Do they show up on X-rays? No. Are they real? Yes. There are 12 of them. Each one represents the simplest kind of multidimensional portal of the Human body to access the "intelligence" of DNA. meridians and chakras What is acupuncture or other like systems that address these meridians? These are energetic informational transfers to the multidimensional smart parts of DNA. They help to let the body heal itself with its own instruction sets to its own chemistry, instead of blasting it with outside chemistry as though the body was ignorant and needed help.


Let me give you one that you don't think about: Homeopathy. homeopathy You might say, "Well, that's actually chemical." Really? You think that a tincture, an almost immeasurable amount of chemistry inserted into the body's system, is reactionary?

Medical research says homeopathy is an "impossible reactionary system," and that a substance that represents only a few parts per million can't have an effect on the Human system. This is because it's only an "informational signal" to multidimensional DNA. At its simplest form, it gives the body information to help it understand what to do. It's an intent signal that assumes the DNA is smart and only needs information, not chemistry, to heal itself.

homeopathy ingredients

There is a tremendous healing energy within Layer Nine of your DNA waiting for quantum instructions to systemically change its own design.

Because DNA works in multidimensional ways, it is not all that logical to your understanding.

Think of an actual quantum effect in physics. Small particles behave very oddly indeed and not in 3D at all. The simplest experiments with light (the double slot experiment) show this. Light can be in two places at the same time. Light can even be observed to change its state of being from a wave to a particle simply by the act of having it observed by a Human Being. What does that tell you about light? It's multidimensional and smarter than you think.

Well, so is your biology!

It's about time you heard about it. I will reveal to you the strongest energies available to multidimensional DNA: Human consciousness.

You have a sacred consciousness in the DNA field that we have mentioned before.

Your consciousness can talk to the cellular structure of your own body on a daily basis. It can strengthen your immune system and chase away disease, for the energy of Human consciousness is really only "information" energy. It sends instructions for your body to shift.

I want to give you some examples. I want to show you these things that are happening.

In 1987, the Harmonic Convergence started the fractal time wave you are now in. The shift of consciousness that has been foretold through the ages is upon you, and here you are sitting within it more than 20 years later. Almost everyone who would come to a meeting like this, knows that this is, indeed, what is happening.

Look at yourself today. Now look 30 years ago. Something happened, didn't it? Somehow a very old and consistent consciousness shifted and changed - and so did your way of life.

It's all part of the scenario we told you about in 1989. Something else also happened, almost like a portal opened. And in this opening, my partner [Lee] became aware. The engineer he was and the 3D stubborn brain he had opened up, despite the logic of more than 40 years that said that channelling was a ridiculous scenario. Let me tell you how we accomplished it: We loved him into it. [Kryon smile] He could not deny the energy and the proof of the love of God inside that spoke to him at a DNA level.

At about the same time this was happening, many new processes were coming in to being. The teacher Peggy stands before you on a regular basis [Peggy Phoenix Dubro]. She was given a vision that there was something around the Human body, a pattern. She was told there was quantumness within it. It was multidimensional. She started working with the patterning and the processing of the Human Merkabah.

human Merkaba

The patterns looked like a lattice-work to her. Slowly over time, she was given the various layers or phases of how to work with this Cosmic Lattice. Her information became a multidimensional instruction set for balancing DNA.

human calibration lattice

So energy work becomes one of the attributes that speaks to 90% of DNA. This new energy really can be seen as "information to the DNA."

Can you somehow measure it, or the results of it? The answer is yes, and recently it was actually validated scientifically in Russia.

So energy work makes a difference in biology! Something seemingly missing the logic of 3D is being now seen as having some kind of valid information exchange with the Human body. There's so much hiding here!


DNA Layer Nine is the healing layer, but it has to work with DNA Layer One, which is the chemical 3D double helix layer

multidimensional DNA

It has to! For you can be as multidimensional as you want, but if you're going to heal yourself, you're going to see it in your own reality, aren't you?

The multidimensional part, the second part, must work with the 3D part - the engine of the genes.

Suddenly, you have a nine working with a one. When you add them together, you get a 10. In numerology, that reduces to a one. Look at this. The beginning and the end (9 and 1), completion and renewal. Numerologically, you have the beginning and the end. They work together as a completion of old information and the beginning of the new.

I want you to get this clear. There are several attributes of communication possible to the 90% percent of DNA (the quantum part).

Human consciousness is the strongest and will become the most effective when Humans can remove themselves from a 3D construct. Many have, and do!

Energy work is the next strongest, and is becoming more popular on the planet.

How can the physics of an invention affect multidimensional, intelligent DNA?

There's only one way: The very invention sees the intent of the inventor.

Here you have something so out of 3D it seems eye-rolling. But quantum physics is like that. If light can change its form by being observed by a Human, is it so odd that the inventing consciousness of the Human brain might be affected by purpose and intent? In this case, the answer is that it is the way of it!

Why was Tesla so brilliant in a nonlinear way? Because his brain was tuned into a nonlinear intent. Did you know he discovered tunable mass? [This is Kryon's description of anti-gravity.] You can make objects lighter and heavier by tuning the mass. It's done with clever designer magnetics. But he couldn't control it since there were no computers yet. But his brain was tuned to multidimensional frequencies and gave him the ability to "think out of the box."

The Human consciousness that gives you an interdimensional invention is imbued into the very attribute of the invention itself. This is hard to explain. Think of it as an energy stamp of the inventor's intent upon the metal of the device. No matter how it's used, it speaks to the DNA and the DNA reacts to the information.

Now, multidimensional states are not linear, so you have to throw away all of the logic of everything you know in order to try and understand how they operate. You have to throw away all the mathematics you learned in physics, especially the ones that deal with energy in general.

The law of the inverse square, for instance, is a totally 3D law. In a multidimensional state, however, a little goes a long way. Sometimes an energy is given that actually seems to multiply. The reason is because multidimensional energy is really an information transfer.

The ancient methods are simple and have been with you many, many years. Then there is basic physics. Listen to the way this works.


In a linear chemical state, you throw the mass of chemistry against other mass of chemistry to get a reaction that you want.

In a multidimensional state, you give subtle instructions. I want to take you into the cellular structure for a moment. I want to show you the handshake.

Imagine cellular structure - it's beautiful and has elegant patterning. Now cellular structure, like DNA, is two parts. One part is linear and one part is multidimensional.

Look at it under the microscope and you see only the linear… the chemical parts. You don't see the multidimensional, invisible part. But the multidimensional is as real as your 3D. It's as real as anything you have chemically. You could see it, too, if you had a multidimensional microscope. It is not esoteric - that is, invisible to Humans. It's real. There it is, a beautiful cellular structure that is in many dimensions.

Now, watch how the cells work with each other in this super simple diagram I'm giving to my partner. Look at the way they attach to each other. They are intelligent. In fact, there are things here I have not shown you. There's a series of holes and raised areas that push out like dimples. One cell sees the other and if they match one with another like keys in a lock, they align to one another and divide using the systemic information they have to give them the information of creation. They create the chemistry of life this way. They are getting ready to divide, to regenerate. They see each other's polarity patterns.

dividing cells

The Way It Works

Dear one, there is a multidimensional attribute here called magnetism and I just happen to be the magnetic master.

Perhaps you thought all this magnetic talk was about Earth? No. It's about DNA.

The cells are magnetic - not just magnetic, they are complexly magnetic. Each one. Biology thrives in this way. One cell sees the magnetic pattern of the other and like a key in a lock, they match up; they know what to do.

So let's give you a common scenario. Along comes a virus, a smart one, a magnetic one! The virus is also biology and also multidimensional. It has DNA, too. Never doubt that. It has agendas and intelligence also. It has survival at its core, just like you do. Watch: It attaches itself cleverly to the cell. How? It mimics the magnetics of a healthy cell that belongs there! It's clever and smart.

The host cell is taken in by this handshake ruse and they come together. Suddenly, the virus is "in." It's within the system and can begin to thrive and quickly replicate. Now, here's the 3D reaction of the body. Once the cells are together, the chemistry of the cell knows it's been tricked. For once the virus is "in," it can't disguise itself any longer. So the host cell sends for help.

Here comes the army! The huge white blood cells, designed to fight disease and kill the invader, come rushing in. The white blood cells arrive en masse. They get there and the virus is completely invisible to them! They can't see it, because it mimics regular cellular structure via the magnetics that it has been able to duplicate. The white blood cells don't know what to do! They received the signal that something was wrong, but they can't distinguish the enemy.

magnetic cell

Now, there's something wrong with the above scenario and about the way your body is designed to work. Let me give you the rest of the story.

Suddenly, in comes an interdimensional instruction set. Perhaps that's you addressing the lattice - your own quantum field - a system designed so that you can work with it in a step-by-step process. Or, perhaps you're vibrating at a high enough level that you don't need that. You can talk to your cells directly without any 3D structure. That's good.

It's what all the masters of the planet did. Or perhaps there has been a multidimensional intervention, like an invention, for instance, that gives instructions to intelligent DNA.

That's the part that's missing today that the ancients knew how to do.

Now, let us run the story again. There's the cell, all healthy, and ready for the handshake of division. Here comes the virus, just as before. But this time, there has been additional information given to the DNA. The host cell can now see the virus! It has received information that says, "When you see the virus coming, change your magnetic pattern." The virus comes at the cell as before, but this time there is no key in a lock. This time there is no handshake for validating cellular division or a deception. The cell yells for the white blood cells. Here they come again, but this time they will see the virus since it has been unable to trick the host into combining with it. It stands alone. They destroy it immediately.

Oh, but that's not all. You see, DNA is intelligent. It's quantum and, therefore, it sends out a system-wide signal.

Layer Nine steps forward, the healing layer, and alters the magnetic properties of 100 trillion pieces and parts of the Human body; the entire DNA systemic instruction set changes all at once.

The virus doesn't have a chance. The whole body knows. It's built in!

Layer Nine is your own best defense against the most aggressive diseases known to man, even the "incurable" ones. An interdimensional force rewrote the program that allowed the cells to defend themselves.

Cancer is aggressive and tricks the body into accepting it. The body does not see it as an out of balance growth. It doesn't even send for help.

The truth is that Layer Nine is designed to see it and stop it. But without any kind of new instruction sets to the existing DNA, nothing works. It needs human consciousness to work with it.

Have you heard of spontaneous remission? Did you ever think I just gave you the answer to it? It isn't a mystery. The Human Being rewrote the instructions to the DNA.


You change its magnetic structure.

There are systemic instructions you can give your cellular structure to build new tissue that was never there before.

I've told you this many times in the past and here it is again. There'll come a day when you can grow back an arm and a leg. How? All you have to do is to give DNA new systemic instructions. The old instructions tell it to only accomplish this in the womb. Change the instructions!

healing heart

Finally, you know the secrets that the ancients knew. Did they really live for hundreds of years? Yes, many did. They knew about creating outside of 3D. What would seem to be mythology and silly superstition to modern medicine was interdimensional mechanics. It's time to revisit the reality you live in. When physics says you have more than 11 dimensions at the center of each atom, why then do you decide that only four of them work? Why not accept the fact that there is an energy in your body [Layer Nine] that works with your 3D biology and is ready to work for you?

At the moment, modern medicine is ignoring it. It would rather blast you with chemistry, some of which does major damage, then to work with a system of systemic instructions.

The shift you are in is giving you the ability to again work with the multidimensional parts of DNA. You did as ancients, and it was lost. Now it's on the table again, and parts of your culture are on the brink of bringing it to the rest of the world. You have 12 layers of DNA. I just gave you one. Think of the beauty and the tools that are yours!

DNA Activation

Human Being, you're here on Earth doing the work. Oh, there's so much happening and so much good news here. Future generations are going to know all about this someday, all in the name of new science they're going to discover multidimensional devices that interface with Human consciousness. There are a lot of Lemurians in the room, and each one of them knows that I have just given the secret to the Temple of Rejuvenation.

Temple of Rejuvenation

It's not that hard of a concept. The Lemurians did not have computers. Lemurians did not have any of the tools you now have in modern science. But they knew all about Layer Nine because they had quantum healing information that was intuitive. That's what's now being reawakened within you.

DNA heal is possible!

You're bigger than you think. It's beautiful. There's mastery inside. There's the love of God there!

And that's the message. And so it is.


Key yourself up into your Higher Self !

It is time to become fully Quantum

YOUR DIAMOND ALIGNMENT IS AWAITING YOU. This is your key to the Cosmic Lattice!

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