About Us is as much about you as it is about me...

You came here, to this very page, so in some way you are more closely connected to me than all the rest of humanity – because connected, we all are...

“We are all cells in the same body of humanity.” - Peace Pilgrim

I once attended a workshop where the facilitator paired us off with the instruction to ask the other this question: “Who are you?”

You respond by giving the first description of yourself which comes to mind:

“I am Judie Nel”

The partner then asks again: “Who are you?”

And you give a name to all the roles you are, one by one:

I am Mother

...”who are you?”

I am Teacher

...”who are you?”

I am Partner


I am Lover


I am Gardener


I am Designer


I am Philosopher


I am Listener


I am Creator


I am Searcher


I am Spirit

Until you enter the Silence and there is no more.

It is without boundaries.

It is emptiness and fullness.

It is Love.

And in the stillness the only answer that comes...

I Am

This loving, living energy flows through each of us, always. It connects each of us to the other, as completely and surely as having the same blood running through our veins would.

So, here I am within the limitless flow of divine love within you, feeling joyful and free but also eager to share what I have with you.

Come on this journey with me. Let us evolve consciously. Let us participate in the game of life and grow with joy!

On the pages provided, share yourself with me. Let me see you and know you.


Judie Nel




South Africa.

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