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The Top Right brain

Is Your Right brain honoured?

Depending on where in the world you live, if you love playing in the upper right side of your brain most, you are either honoured or considered less smart. Top Right Brainer, in the eastern parts of the globe you are revered because of your visionary and imaginary capacity. In the west, mostly this is considered to be a flaky kind of thinking – nothing much to show for it.

Now, let’s not all flock to the East! Consider the gap in the West!

Right Brainers don't like to jump through the hoops just because that is the required thing. You would also have a hard time to make them follow rules which do not make sense to them. A little bit of a non-conformist, I’d say!

right brain

The big picture of things is easy for them to access and while the rest of the left-brained world is still busy trying to get it by step-by-stepping things; they are waiting impatiently with the holistic view already in hand.

Classroom Dilemma

Let us specifically think of the mathematical classroom. When the question has been written on the board, the Right Brainer often has the answer immediately. Just don’t ask them to give you the step-by-step (left brain) process of how they got the answer! They don’t know.

So here is the dilemma.

In examinations, marks are allocated for every step of the process, right down to the correct answer. Very few institutions allocate all the marks if only the correct answer is given. This means that the Right brain thinker has now lost a lot of marks!

To add insult to injury, the Right Brain learner is now also accused of dishonesty! I mean, how is it possible to just get the answer? It must’ve been copied from somebody else! Ouch!

Right brain Reader, if you haven’t by now scanned down to the rest of the page in a typical right brained way, here are the topics for the page:


• General Descriptors

• Skills

• Responsive to

• Language usage

• As described by others

• Careers

• Learning/teaching and facilitation requirements

Top Right brain DESCRIPTORS:

• Creative / Innovative

• Intuitive (regarding solutions)

• Synthesizer

• Holistic

• Artistic

• Spatial

• Diversity oriented

• Full of bright ideas

• Visualizes

• Imaginative

• Subjective

• Poor time sense (the world of dreams has not time!)

right brain imagination

Upper Right Brain SKILLS:

• Creative

• Innovative

• Causing change

• Conceptualizing

• Strategic planning

• Taking initiative

• Exploring hidden possibilities

• Integrates concepts

• Lateral thinker

• Develops new theories

Upper Right Brain Thinkers RESPOND to:

• Spontaneity ; Free flow

• Holistic approach

• Experiential opportunities

• Experimentation

• Poetry and Fantasy

• Playfulness

• Aesthetics

• Future oriented case discussions

• Visual displays

• Individuality

• Being involved

• Colours, shapes, patterns

• Open discussions

• Humour – on the far side

Compare with the abilities of the LOWER RIGHT HEMISPHERE

Beatles - Right brain humor on the far side!

When they speak, you may hear some of the following USE OF LANGUAGE:

• ‘Let’s play with the idea’

• ‘the big picture’

• ‘cutting edge’

• ‘conceptual’

• ‘innovative approach’

• ‘picture this ...’

• ‘in the light of ...’

• ‘I take a dim view ...’

• ‘mental picture’

Derogatory descriptors used by others

• ‘Reckless’; • ‘Unfocussed’; • ‘Unrealistic’; • ‘Dreams a lot’; • ‘Undisciplined’; • ‘Head in the clouds’; • ‘Mad hatter’; • ‘Saddles wild horses’; • ‘Wild ideas’

Upper Right Brain CAREERS

• Poets • Storyteller • Trainer • Recreational worker • Chef • Healer • Jeweler designer • Artistic painter • Adventurist • Architect • Graphic artist • Graphic designer • Cartoonist • Inventor • Fine Artist • Art teacher • Sculptor • Interior decorator • Cosmetic and beauty consultant • Engineer • coach / Mentor • Psychologist • Entrepreneur • Therapist • Hairdresser • Trouble shooter • Photographer • Urban Planner • Medical Practitioners • Wildlife illustrator • Botanist • Landscape architect • Conservationist • Astronomer

Learning /Teaching / Facilitation Strategies

The academic world has not paid much attention on how to teach or facilitate so that the Right Brainer can also benefit.

This learner has been described as the ‘problem’ of the class and the more left brained the teaching methods are, the more the right brained learner is lost.

Should this learner also have a strong personality, the classroom becomes a playground and all the innovative skills are applied with imagination into strategies to disrupt the learning environment.

As teachers and facilitators, it is extremely important to take note of what is required for this learner to learn. If you consider the benefits that the Right Brainer can bring to all the facets of our society, it is imperative that incorporation in the classroom happens! Consider the strategies which must be built into classroom (or boardroom!) presentations.

When building lessons or presentations use the Lower Left Brain also

If you would like learning applied and implemented, incorporate the needs of the Lower Right brain too!

Top Right Brain LEARNS BY:

• Taking initiative

• Exploring hidden possibilities

• Relying on intuition

• Self discovery

• Constructing concepts

• Synthesizing concepts

• Visualizing material

• Creating images

• Conceptualizing new ideas

• Involvement of whole brain

Right brain humor


• Spontaneity

• Free flow

• Experimentation

• Demonstrations

• Drama and skits

• Body language - gestures and facial expression

• Playfulness

• Future oriented case discussions

• Educational games

• involved participation

• Visual display – diagrams, pictures, illustrations

• Individually

• Aesthetics

• Poetry and art

• Idea challenges

• Story telling

• Humour Notice what the Lower right responds to

right brain

"Let me give you a piece of my mind"

Humour differs from the Lower Right side of the brain - explore this!

Since you have a whole brain and all the parts definitely contribute to your daily experience of life, it serves you to become familiar with what each part needs to function optimally.

Whether you are...

~ Studying for exams

~ Preparing a corporate presentation

~ Putting lessons plans together for teaching or facilitation

~ Or simply want to expand your brain functions...

it serves you to know more about all the facets of your thinking abilities.

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