Heart talk is louder than words - and It Always Shows.

What do you mean, my heart talk is always showing when I communicate?

Even when I am angry?

Or aloof?

Especially then.

Let me illustrate with a story. (Don't we all just love stories?)

A teacher asked his students, 'Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?'

His students thought for a while, one of them said, 'Because we lose our calm, we shout for that.'

'But, why do you shout when the other person is just next to you?' asked the teacher.

interpersonal relationships

'Isn't it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice? Why do you shout at a person when you're angry?'

The students spoke about emotional outlet and getting the message clear, but none of the answers satisfied the teacher.

Finally he explained, 'When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other.

The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other through that great distance.'

He waited a while, then he said 'Their heart talk was so much louder than their words. Wasn't it?'

Then the teacher asked, 'What happens when two people fall in love?

They don't shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is very small...'

In the silence he waited. 'Their heart talk was loud and clear. Could you hear it?'


The teacher continued, 'When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love.

Observe how people get really close to each other when they love in whatever way. Listen with your own heart when you watch their hearts speak more than their words.' relationships


'Finally, take a close look. Love now speaks for itself. The heart shows itself clearly because they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that's all. That is how close two people are when they love each other. The heart talk is there for all to see.'

'MORAL' said the teacher: 'When you argue do not let your hearts get distant, do not say words that distance each other more, else there will come a day when the distance is so great that you will not find the path to return!'

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