Intrapersonal Intelligence:

Explorer of the inner lands!

With your intrapersonal intelligence you are adept at looking inward and figuring out your own feelings, motivations and goals. You are often introspective and tend to seek understanding of deeper issues. This would make you intuitive and probably introverted at times.

Multiple intelligences


The knowing that occurs through introspection, metacognition, which is thinking about thinking, self-reflection, and asking cosmic questions like "What is the meaning of life?". It uses tools like emotional and spiritual intellignece and process it through the use of journals, thinking logs, teaching for transfer, higher-order thinking, and self esteem practices.

interpersonal intelligence

Multiple Intelligences - Generally Speaking:

The most important thing in thinking about ourselves is to know what we are good at, to seek out what we have talent for and to get feedback from others so we can continue to do what is a good match for us.

In leading fulfilling lives people should think about the roles they would like to play in society, the workplace and in relationships. This should then lead to the exploration of the key competencies needed for those roles.

A dynamic model for identifying and profiling our intellectual strengths, lies in the groundbreaking work of Howard Gardner, the father of the Multiple Intelligences theory.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory rests on the following:

1. All of "Homo Sapiens" possess all of his intelligences, but in varying degrees of strength, skill and limitation

2. Just as we all look different and have unique personalities and temperaments, we also have different profiles of intelligences

In other words, no one kind of intelligence is better than another kind of intelligence. Each of the eight and there is talk of a ninth one) intelligences has its own and particular sphere of competence. They are significantly independent of one another. Of course, most life situations, jobs, relationships requires input from several intelligences.

Intrapersonal Intelligence: DESCRIPTION

• Self-awareness

• Personal cognisance

• Personal objectivity

• The capability to understand oneself, one's relationship to others and the world

interpersonal intelligence

• One's own need for, and reaction to change

• Philosophical

• Independent

• Spends time thinking and reflecting

• Likes learning about self

• Introverted

• Intuitive

One of the tools with which to explore inner space is meditation.

Intrapersonal Intelligence : RELATED TASKS OR ACTIVITIES

• Consider and decide one's own aims and personal changes required to achieve them

• Consider one's own personality, decide options for development

• Consider and decide one's own Emotional Intelligence

• Be aware of one’s own Spiritual intelligence and how to change it

• Enjoys journaling

• Spends time thinking and reflecting

• Likes learning about self

• Self-employment is a very real consideration

• Self-reflection

intrapersonal intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence : SOCIETAL ROLES

• Psychologist • Member of the Clergy • Psychology teacher • Therapist • Counsellor • Theologian • Entrepreneur • Career coach • Facilitator • Social worker • Spiritual coach • Business leader & visionary • Strategist • Librarian • Research and Development of projects

To explore and expand personal growth, the use of a life coach can be invaluable.

Learning /Teaching / Facilitation Strategies

People with Intrapersonal Intelligence respond well to:

• Acquiring & quantifying facts

• Applying analysis & logic

• Thinking through ideas

• Forming theories

• Data base content

• Text book & bibliographies

• Behaviour modification

• Taking initiative

• Exploring hidden possibilities

• Relying on intuition

• Self discovery

• Constructing concepts

• Synthesizing concepts

• Spontaneity

• Free flow

• Experimentation

• Future oriented case discussions

• Visual display

• Individuality

• Aesthetics

• Organising & structuring content

• Sequencing content

• Evaluating & testing theories

• Implementing course content

• Listening & sharing ideas

• Integrating experiences with self

• Moving & feeling

• Harmonising with the content

• Emotional involvement

• Experiential opportunities

• work alone and pursue own interests

• Understanding self, focusing inward on feelings/dreams

• Following instincts

• Pursuing interests, goals and being original

• Individualized projects

• Self-paced instruction • Having own space

• Working independently toward a group goal

• Metacognitive practices such as getting in touch with their feelings and self motivation

• Able to concentrate well

• Mindfulness

• “Thinking about thinking”

• Diagramming


 Computer-based journaling

 Concept maps - idea webs

 Problem solving software - self paced software

 Internet research - self paced

 Word processing - brainstorming, diaries, journals

 Video projects - record personal ideas

 Multimedia portfolios

 Blogs


Intrapersonal Intelligence allows you to:

• Gather facts

• Analyse issues

• Solve problems logically

• Argue rationally

• See the ‘big picture’

• Recognise new possibilities

• Tolerate ambiguity

• Read signs of coming change

• Integrate ideas and concepts

• Bend or challenge established policies

• Synthesize unlike elements into a new whole

• Solve problems intuitively

• Research and Development

• Organise & keep track of essential data

• Develop detailed plans & procedures

• Implement projects in a timely manner

• Articulate plans in an orderly way

• Recognise interpersonal difficulties

• Anticipate how others will feel intuitively

• Understand how others feel

• Pick up non-verbal cues of interpersonal stress

• Persuade

• Teach/facillitate

• Conciliate

• Understand emotional elements

• Consider values

Finding ourselves and exploring the inner landscape leads to ultimate wisdom. Intrapersonal intelligence leads to deep intelligence in all other fields.

Intrapersonal Transformation begins here. Align with your own Diamond Grid. Call yourself to presence with this personal development

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