Lower Left Brain - the Central Processing Unit!

This is Where The 'Paradigm' and the 'Framework' lives

Jump to the brain space which serves you right now!

The Lower Left is where it is at right now. If you are in front of your computer (as you must be, looking for information and analysing what you find, this is the quadrant which is running smoothly and humming quietly.

Brain dominance and preference is based on research showing that we use different sides of our brain to process different kinds of information.

Much like a computer. Different parts handle different tasks. I mean you wouldn’t think of using the drawing programs for typing a letter to the tax man – but maybe we should! Maybe it is a question of a picture speaking a thousand words!

Brain assessments

There are many places on the web where you can do tests to determine where your hemispheric preferences are. Do one for yourself. It is an interesting exercise. But while you are at it, do several ones from different sites. You may be surprised at the outcome!

Essentially, take the assessments with a pinch of salt. Your brain is just so much more than can be assessed in a single test. At best you can get an idea of which quadrant you currently like best and are using the most and therefore shows up stronger in a questionnaire.

Also take into consideration that your brain changes and develops with your focus on certain strengths and exploring new ways of thinking.

Dealing with others

Recognizing and understanding specific habitual thinking patterns and dialogue styles is very revealing and helpful in dealing with, and interacting effectively with others. It helps us to understand what we ourselves, need at a given time and when we understand where others are coming from it begins to improve our family, personal and business relations.

lower left brain planning

This page is about knowing what the lower left brain does and how you can get the best service here.

The lower left brain quadrant’s main intention is always regarding convenient, efficient, rapid job completion.

Briefly and succinctly, this quadrant typically thinks and insists on managing others. Uses direct, very goal-oriented statements and actions. Cares more about getting the work completed than how the work got done or what it took emotionally form the humans who worked with them. Thinking in terms of a computer, this is the CPU - It is the fastest processing brain quadrant in the entire brain.

lower left brain demonstration


• General Descriptors

• Skills

• Responsive to

• Language usage

• As described by others

• Learning/teaching and facilitation requirements

Lower Left Brain: General Descriptors

• Impersonal

• Conservative

• Controlled

• Rules and Regulations

• Objective

• Practical

• Linear

• Procedures

• Time sense

• Planning

• Detail

• Orderly

• Organisation

Lower Left Brain Skills

• Planning

• Administrative

• Organisation - Implement projects in given time

• Articulate plans in an orderly way

• Stand firm on principles

• Implementation - Develop detailed plans & procedures

• Evaluating - Check thoroughly can find overlooked flaws

• Data collector - Organise & keep track of essential data

• Good organisers - Develop detailed plans and procedures

• Application of laws and principles

• Read the fine print in documents/contracts

• Read and understands technical data

• Provide stable leadership and supervision

• Approach problems practically

• Maintain a standard of consistency

• Accurate financial records

left brain planner and administration


Responsive to:

• Thorough planning

• Sequential order of things

• Organizational and administrative discussions

• Use of text books and manuals for information

• Structure

• Step-by-step processes

• Facts and figures

• Judgement based on past experience

Typical language used by bottom lefties

• ‘we have always done it this way’

• ‘law and order’

• ‘self discipline’

• ‘by the book’

• ‘play it safe’ • ‘establishing habits’

• ‘the practical application of this is’

• ‘let’s stick to the paradigm’

• ‘the framework is’

When others refer to this person derogatively, they may say:

• ‘unimaginative’ ; • ‘can’t think for himself’ ; • stick-in-the-mud’ ; • ‘grinds out the task’ ; • ‘a real square’ ; • ‘pen pusher’ ; • ‘stickler for details’ ; • ‘red-taper’

left brain humour

Lower Left Brain Careers:

• Lawyer • Legal assistant • Librarian • Secretary • Proof reader • Language teacher • Editor • Training officer • Auditor • Accountant • Purchasing agent • Banker • Underwriter • Deal-maker • Statistician • Economist • Bookkeeper • Technician • Computer expert • Actuary • Science teacher • Piano tuner • Acoustic engineer • Instrument maker • Boilermaker • Sports coach • Crafts person • Carpenter • Mechanic • Acupuncturist • Dancer • Actor • Farmer • Physical therapist • Gardener • Forest ranger • Factory worker • Athlete • Driver • Hairdresser • Surveyor • Hunter • Manager • School principal • Nurse • Travel agent • Medical practitioners • Social worker • Landscaper • Geologist • Chef • Conservationist • Oceanographer • Ethnologist • Zoologist • Veterinarian • Herbalist

Careers for the Right Brain Information about UPPER LEFT BRAIN careers Investigate RIGHT BRAIN CAREERS here

left brain humour

Learning /Teaching/Facilitation Strategies

Although you definitely use your whole brain to do most things, let us consider what you can specifically do to make the lower left brain work better, especially when learning. All teachers, trainers and facilitators would make their interventions much more retainable when these strategies are incorporated.

The Lower Left Brain LEARNS BY:

• Organising & structuring content

• Sequencing content

• Evaluating & testing theories

• Acquiring skills through practice

• Implementing course content



• Thorough planning

• Sequential order

• Organisation & admin

• Case discussions

• Text books

• Behaviour modification

• Programmed learning

• Structure

• Lectures

It can not be overstressed that all parts of the brain and all learning styles MUST be utilized in order for learning and productivity to be optimal.

When we have a dominance in a hemisphere it would be excellent practice to focus on the gifts of the other sections of the brain to become more balanced in our relationships as well as the workplace.

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