Orbs and your spiritual life

Orbs are a phenomenon that we are now able to capture with the introduction of digital cameras in the 1990's.

What are orbs?

Chances are, you've probably seen them before -they are the curious translucent or solid circles (usually white) that appear unexpectedly in your photos.

They were first thought to be malfunctions by the camera makers but to this day the manufacturers claim these "orbs" to be microscopic particles floating in the air.

Orbs have been accepted, in spiritual circles to be evidence of spirit presences or angelic beings around the person being photographed.

There is still some speculation as to whether they are also eveidence of the essence, or soul of a departed spirit. Mediums in the pshychic community believes this to be so.

orb above a person

Orbs may appear in different sizes, as a single spot or as a multitude of spots grouped together.

They can appear as a part of your aura, all around you or only in the eight chakra above your head. More about auras

Several people with orbs around them

There are debates whether these orbs are dust particles appearing on the lenses of cameras. Do your own research on this matter, there certainly are enough sceptics publishing about this on the internet.

However, from a spiritual perspective, I believe that orbs are more than dust particles or drops of moisture on the lens -they are proof of guardian angels and spritual centredness captured on camera.

It is my belief that when you are very focussed in your personal vortex, where soul meets with the Divine, it can show up as an orb.

Within your personal spiral vortex

There is also the belief that when these "spirit orbs" or "angel orbs" appear near a single person or a group of people in a photo, it's a sign that they are blessed with the goodness, positive energy, and protection of angels.

When orbs appear in a particular location, it's also a sign that angels are hovering nearby and the location is particularly blessed.

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