My Aura photo and seeing Energy

by Ann Fraser

Yes, I have had my aura read and photographed and at the time it was predominantly yellow and orange around the head. It was only a head and shoulders photograph and not the whole body.

I sat with a friend after meditation one night and her aura was amazing. It was a huge, pulsating yellow colour and was much larger on her left hand side. It kept moving towards and from her body almost as if the wind was blowing it. It was quite wonderful to see.

I see the aura or energy around trees and plants as well. It usually happens when I am day dreaming and not really looking at the tree. It is not a conscious looking but almost as if I am looking right through them. I start to notice the energy and the colours. The colour I see is usually white but sometimes yellow and blue.

When this does happen I love to sit and watch how the energy seems to change in the pulsating of the colours. And sometimes I even feel as if the trees are putting on a show just for me. Beautiful and so serene.

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By doing this clearing repeatedly, (use the Ho'oponopono principle for example to clear ascension-symptoms fast) you clear your emotional and energy bodies of the long held traumas, beliefs and fears, especicially the ones that are lying deeply buried in your subconscious, that have impeded your ability to experience all the joy you are capable of. Once the emotional body is cleared of an old pain or trauma, the physical body simultaneously clears itself of the equivalent of that block, your ascension-symptoms may go away for a while and it also clears all the patterns from the soul’s cellular memory.

Also, as these painful patterns are removed from the soul record, the clearing recodes your DNA so it can hold more light, thus sustaining your new frequency and a state of increasing higher consciousness. As you hold this greater light and advanced genetic package in your bio-energy field, it enables others, through the principle of resonance, to vibrate at the increased frequency rate and activate their own inner potential and divine inheritance towards Ascension.

As emotional clearing is the main process and emotional pain and imbalances are responsible for your states of "dis-ease" you may experience illness or physical releases of pain (ascension-symptoms) clearing from your body.